Convenience Services Offered At RV Storage Facilities

If you own an RV, you know the importance of having a safe and secure place to store it when not in use. But did you know that many RV storage facilities offer more than just a parking spot? Many provide a range of convenience features that make your life easier and your RV ownership experience more enjoyable. 

On-site Dump Stations

An on-site dump station is one of the most convenient features offered by many RV storage facilities. Onsite dumping is especially useful when you're returning from a long trip and need to empty your RV's waste tanks before storing it. You can use the one on-site instead of searching for a nearby dump station. They're usually well-maintained and easy to use, saving you time and hassle.

Battery Charging

Another useful feature offered by some RV storage facilities is battery charging. If you're storing your RV for an extended period, it's important to keep its battery charged to prevent damage and ensure it's ready to go when you retrieve it. Some storage facilities offer 24/7 charging stations or solar-powered chargers to keep your RV's battery ready to go.

Propane Refills

Many RVs use propane for cooking, heating, and powering appliances, and running out of propane can be a major inconvenience. Some RV storage facilities offer propane refills on-site, so you can easily stock up before heading out on your next trip. 

Wash Bays

Keeping your RV clean is important for appearance and preventing damage from dirt and debris. Some storage facilities offer on-site wash bays, where you can wash your RV before or after storing it. These bays are usually equipped with hoses, sprayers, and soap dispensers, so you can thoroughly clean your RV without having to haul it to a car wash or use your equipment.

Valet Service

For the ultimate convenience, some RV storage facilities offer valet service. When you arrive to pick up your RV, it will be ready and waiting for you at the front of the facility. You won't have to worry about navigating tight spaces or backing in and out of spots — the staff will handle all that for you. Valet service can be beneficial if you're new to RV ownership or have mobility issues.

Choosing an RV storage facility that offers these convenient features can make your RV ownership experience more enjoyable and stress-free. Contact a professional to learn more about RV storage

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