Tips On How To Correctly Store Items In A Personal Storage Unit

Are you considering renting a personal storage unit for the first time? There is more to storing goods in a personal storage unit than moving them from your home. You need to ensure your goods are well packed to keep them safe during the storage duration. Additionally, maximizing the space to get value for your money is important. So, how can you properly store items in your personal storage?

Rent Sufficient Storage Unit Space and Start Packing

Before packing, you need to find an appropriate personal storage unit that is big enough to fit all the items you would like to store comfortably. After renting out a unit, begin by cleaning your belongings, particularly upholstered goods before packing. 

In general, household items can contain bugs, hidden mold, and other substances that can cause damage over time. Therefore, cleaning them eliminates these pests and agents, promoting the longevity of the items when stored.

Once the items are clean, you should properly pack them. Get proper packing supplies in advance to ensure a smooth packing process. Always cushion fragile material like glass and electronics using bubble wraps to keep them safe during transport and over the storage duration.

Make an Inventory

It is essential to create an inventory list containing all the belongings you will move to the personal storage as you pack. An inventory list makes it easy to track the items during packing, transport, and loading into the unit. It also makes it easy to access the items when stored.

You can make an inventory list using the traditional clipboard method to take stock. Alternatively, you can use a spreadsheet and list all the items down.

Stack According to Fragility

When storing the items, ensure you place them in a way that fully uses the space and ensures your items remain safe. Therefore, stack the boxes according to fragility. This will ensure the fragile items aren't at the bottom, and thus, prevent them from breaking and getting crushed by heavier boxes above them. Always put the heavy boxes with heavy items at the bottom and lighter or fragile items at the top.

You should also store according to accessibility. Which items will you need to retrieve often? Keep them in easy to access areas. When packing your belongings in the unit, always create a path to access even the furthest to reach boxes.

The above tips will ensure you keep your belongings safe as you move and store them in your personal storage unit. Contact a storage company today to rent your personal storage unit. 

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