3 Important Safety Tips For Moving Items Into Storage

When it comes to putting items into storage, you want to make sure you are going to safely. When moving items, there are steps you can take to keep both yourself and your belongings safe.

#1: Have a Plan

When it comes to moving items into a storage unit, it can be tempting to show up and dump all your items into the storage unit. However, that will make it tricky to remove your items later. It is much better to plan how you want to put the items into your storage and set your storage unit up so that items are easy to access.

Sit down and sketch out a floorplan that shows where you want to put items in your storage unit. Put items you want easier access to towards the front of your storage unit. Consider installing shelving and hooks before you start moving your belongings to make your storage unit more organized.

Setting up shelving, and having a rough floorplan, will allow you to keep things organized once you start the actual moving process.

#2: Be Smart About Stacking

It is natural to want to make the best use of the space available to you by stacking up items in your storage unit. Stacking works best if you use the same or similar sized boxes to pack up your belongings. If you have different sized boxes, put the larger boxes on the bottom and the smaller boxes on top.

Also, pay attention to the weight of the boxes. Place the heaviest boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top. Using shelving can make it easier to use the vertical space in your storage unit.

#3: Work Together

Do not try to move all the items into your storage unit on your own. Get a friend or family member to help you hire a moving professional to help with this task. By enlisting someone to help you, you have another set of hands to help you move heavy items and help ensure you don't push it too hard to move too many things at once.

You can also rent a dolly and work together to load items onto the dolly, transport them to your storage unit, and unload them. There is no reason to get hurt; moving items into storage and working together with someone else will make the process smoother.

To keep things safe when moving items into storage, have a plan for using your storage unit and be smart about stacking items vertically. Work together with someone else to ensure no one hurts their back or body moving items into the storage unit.

For more tips, contact a local storage facility.

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