What To Look For In RV Storage Solutions

When you have an RV, storage is something you have to consider eventually. While you can store an RV on your property, it's often best to consider storing your large recreational vehicle in RV storage instead. There are RV storage services that can help you keep your RV in good, safe condition without dedicating large sections of your yard to the task.

What should you look for in a RV storage solution? Here is a guide to assist you so you make the right decision when it comes to RV storage services for your needs.


RV storage prices vary depending on the size of your RV, where you live, what type of storage you want, and other factors. For basic outdoor storage, where your RV is out in the open but still in the property limits of an RV storage facility, you can pay as little as $30 a month for storage. An indoor storage unit will be upwards of $50 per month, and heated storage for your RV can cost up to $450 per month.

Pick a budget for storing your RV so you choose RV storage services that are most appropriate for your needs. Most RV storage companies charge rates on a month-to-month basis, just like regular storage unit facilities do.

Storage type

What type of storage space do you want for your RV? Do you want to keep your RV outside without any cover, just to have a space to safely store your RV? Do you want a covered storage unit that is out in the open so your RV is still protected from the elements? Are you wanting an RV space that is inside so you can keep the recreational vehicle protected in its own private garage?

The storage type you choose for your RV is dependent upon what you're willing to spend, the age and value of your RV, and what's available in your area. If you are only storing your RV for a short time, basic outdoor RV storage can be ideal because you have easy access to your RV and less expenses to pay.

Storage location

Choose RV storage that is close to your home, so you can check on your RV whenever you wish and gain access to the recreational vehicle without having to make a long drive. Storage location should be in an open place that is safe and well-lit as well. Drive to any RV storage services facility before committing to a rental contract so you have a better understanding of the unit's location.

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