Portable Storage Containers: Not Just For Moving

Portable or mobile storage containers are an extremely useful option for anyone who is moving. Since these containers can be delivered to your home and remain there for as long as you are willing to rent them, they provide you with plenty of time to sort through your possessions and carefully pack everything that you will be taking with you. While this is certainly a common and excellent use for these containers, it is not the only situation where they can be incredibly useful. Here are just three creative ways that you can make use of these versatile containers.

Simplify Cleaning and Organizing

The worst part of any cleaning project is the initial phase where you are shuffling your belongings around, trying to find temporary space to store things as you determine what to keep, what to throw away, and where to put it all. This can be an especially huge headache if you are cleaning out a storage room and do not have another room in your house that is available to store things as you work. Often, it can feel like you are making an even bigger mess than you started with!

A container delivered to your house can help by providing you with overflow storage where you can move furniture or belongings temporarily to get them out of your way. Once the container is delivered, you can begin moving everything into it from the room you are cleaning, giving you a convenient location to store your items without overrunning the rest of your house. This also gives you plenty of time to move things back one by one, organizing and sorting as you go.

Make Projects Easier

Are you working on a large renovation project? If you are, then you will most likely need to purchase and store a large number of materials. Lumber, roofing tiles, drywall, even tools can end up occupying a huge amount of space. If you do not have much extra storage available in your home, a single room renovation can quickly cause your entire house to become a construction site. This situation can be made even worse if your home does not have a large amount of open storage space available.

Renting a mobile container gives you a convenient location to store all of the project materials that you will need, allowing you to purchase more at once and take fewer trips to the home improvement store. Since you can generally choose where on your property you want the container to be located, you can have your construction materials close at hand to minimize the number of trips in and out of the house that you will need to take. Having extra storage also means fewer materials in the room you are renovating, freeing up more room to work.

Store Tag Sale Inventory

Storing tag sale inventory can be a huge hassle, especially if you are selling the contents of several rooms and planning on holding your sale for multiple days. Most items can stay outside if the weather cooperates, but a sudden rain or snow storm can leave you scrambling to find tarps to protect your precious goods. Not only does a storage container provide you with a convenient location to store your items while you are holding the sale, but it can even be used to store and organize items as you are preparing for the sale.

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