4 Tips To Maximize Your Savings When Renting A Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit is an easy and effective solution to gaining extra space to store and protect your belongings. It will also prevent you from having to settle with a cluttered space, which can lead to damaged possessions when boxes, bins, or possessions collapse from excessive weight.

While you may know that you want to rent a storage unit, you may also be interested in minimizing your costs in the beginning as well as throughout the entire storage experience. This means that you will need to look for certain qualities when you analyze local storage facilities.

Long-Term Savings

An excellent way to save money is when you are willing to commit to a storage unit for the long-term. A storage company may not give you a discount when you only sign up for a month. But, you may find immediate discounts with leases that last longer than six months or a year. Even if a discount is not presented right away, you may be able to negotiate for savings in some way.

A longer commitment may help you yield a lower monthly rate for long-term savings or a free month to enjoy immediate savings by not having to pay anything in the beginning.

Unused Days

If you make a long-term commitment and stay after the lease ends, you may be put on a month-to-month lease. When you try to leave some storage units, you may have to continue paying until the end of your monthly cycle. But, you should look for storage facilities that allow you to move out at any time and pay you back for all the days that you have already paid for and are not using.


When you look at the contracts for some storage leases, you may find a few with extra costs such as reservation or administrative fees. By looking around at enough storage facilities, you should be able to avoid these fees while getting an affordable monthly rate to keep costs to a minimum.

Accurate Sizing

Renting a storage unit that is larger than you need leads to empty space. To avoid a situation in which you are paying for leftover space, you should prioritize storage facilities with an impressive selection of unit sizes so that you know you can choose one that fits your needs precisely.

Saving money on a storage unit will be easy when you use these tips to pick one. Contact a company like LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center for more information.

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