Is Your Boat Stealing Your Car's Garage Space? 2 Options Boat Owners Need To Know

During the spring, summer, and fall, owning a boat offers a great way to spend quality time with family and friends while relaxing on the water. But when winter arrives, the boat ownership experience is often a lot less enjoyable—especially if the boat is taking up space in the garage while the family car is left outside on the driveway. If you are a boat owner who is tired of scraping ice from your car's windshield while the boat stays warm and dry each winter, the following storage option information can help you ensure your boat and your car will have safe harbor when cold weather arrives once again. 

Installing a portable carport for boat storage

The first option to consider is to install a portable carport on your property where your boat can be parked. These structures are relatively inexpensive and can be erected quickly. There are, however, some possible issues that must be considered when choosing this type of storage for your boat, including: 

  • portable carports typically only provide a roof; most do not offer protection on the sides and ends 
  • they do not offer secure storage in areas where the risk of theft or vandalism is high
  • those who are renting may not wish to or be able to install a portable carport structure at their home

Installation of a portable carport for boat storage may also not be possible for homeowners who have restrictive HOA covenants or those who are planning to move in the near future. 

Choosing self-storage for boat storage

A better option for boat storage may be as close as a local, trusted self-storage business. Instead of juggling garage spaces or waiting for a portable carport to be erected, boat owners can simply pay a small monthly fee and know that their boat will be safe from weather, theft, and vandalism. Even better, the car can return to its space within the garage. 

An additional benefit to remember when choosing self-storage as your boat storage option is that there will also be plenty of room in the unit you rent to store and protect other seasonal recreational gear. Bulky items like life vests, inflatable water toys, fishing gear, camping gear, and water ski equipment can all be moved out of the home and garage and into the storage space with the boat. The boat can be left fully outfitted all year long, and when an outing is planned, boat owners can simply hook up the boat and head off for a great day on the water. 

To learn more about boat storage options, contact a self-storage service in your area. 

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