The Advantages Of Using A Moving Storage Unit

Preparing for an upcoming move? Instead of hiring a moving company, renting a moving truck, or buying tons of boxes, you should consider moving storage units. These large pods are dropped off in your yard where you can fill them and have then taken to another location. They are becoming a new way for people to move due to the following advantages.

You Can Pack On Your Own Time

The biggest advantage of a moving storage unit is that you can pack it on your own schedule. Order the storage units, fill it little by little every night up until your move, and everything will be packed before you know it.

Many people like this technique because it gets packed items out of the house. You can pack early, but no longer need to look at piles of boxes that are ready to go. Instead, they can go into your secure moving storage unit so it can be picked up.

You Don't Need As Many Moving Materials

Since only the moving container as a whole is picked up and dropped off, you do not need to spend a ton of money on moving materials. While it is a good idea to protect valuable items, you do not need to go as overboard as you would with movers because each item is not handled individually by another person.

If you want to just loosely throw clothing on hangers on top of a pile of boxes, feel free to, since nobody is going to see those items other than you once the moving pod is locked.

You Can Deliver a Moving Storage Unit Directly To Storage

Sometimes you are not moving directly to your new home. In fact, you may be between homes for a variety of reasons. Know that these units can also be taken to a storage facility until you are ready for them again, and then delivered to your new home. It is a great idea for two families that are in the process of merging houses, or if you are moving in with a roommate and do not have the room for your old couch just yet.

You Know Your Items Are Secure

Moving storage units can be locked with a key that only you have, which makes them just as secure as using a self storage facility. If you were worried about somebody being able to easily break into the moving storage unit, know that it will be just as hard as breaking into your house.

Contact a facility, like Acorn Self Service Storage, to get started.

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