4 Items That Can Benefit From Climate Controlled Storage

When renting a self storage unit, you'll have the option of renting a standard unit or one with climate controls. While it may not make sense to use climate controls for some items, these are 4 items that can benefit from heating and cooling throughout the year.

Wood Furniture

If you are storing wood furniture, chances are that it looks nice and you plan to use it again someday. That is why this item can benefit from being in a storage unit with climate controls. The key will be to manage the humidity in the unit so that the wood does not become damaged.

Wood can easily shrink and expand throughout the year, and moisture can cause the wood to become warped as well. Climate controls will ensure that the furniture out out in the same condition that it went into storage.

Music Instruments

Woodwind and string instruments are definitely an item that can use climate control if they are being stored for a long time. Not only do these instruments have the chance of becoming physically damaged due to moisture, but the damage can change how the instruments sound. Do not waste money storing an instrument in a unit without climate control, since it could damage the instrument to the point of it not working properly anymore.


Have electronic devices that you are not using at the moment? Electronic devices are easily affected due to moisture that gets in a non-climate controlled unit. The moisture can settle on circuit boards inside the device, which will cause corrosion that is bad for the device. Even if you think a device is sealed and that moisture cannot get into it, the moisture will find a way and potentially cause damage.

Film and Photographs

Of all the things you can put into a storage unit, film and photographs cannot be replaced. If the only copy of those photos is going into storage, not using climate controls can cause them to be ruined forever. Film needs to be stored in very specific conditions. If you are not careful, the heat can cause colors to become muted and ruin the overall picture quality.

Photos run the same risk of becoming damaged as any other paper items. It can become very brittle if humidity levels become too dry. Try to keep them in a room where humidity is between 15%-65% humidity if you want those photos to survive. Click to read more.

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