How To Fit It All In A Mini Storage Unit

If you need to stash a few things in a storage unit while you're moving from one home to another, you may figure a mini storage unit won't possibly be large enough. But in fact, you can fit a lot more in a mini storage unit than you might think! As long as you don't have any large items -- like lawn mowers or a bed -- you can probably fit all of your smaller items and even a few pieces of furniture in a mini storage unit. Just follow these tips!

Fill your drawers.

If you are putting any furniture into the storage unit, take advantage of every scrap of interior space you have. This means filling each and every drawer. Roll clothing and linens up before stashing them in the drawer, as this will allow you to fit more inside. 

Choose smaller boxes.

When selecting boxes, opt for smaller ones rather than larger ones. You can more easily manipulate small boxes to fit them in and around other items. Plus, you can stack them higher and not worry so much if they tumble down on you. Label the boxes that contain breakable items clearly so you can put these on the bottoms of stacks and put non-fragile items closer to the top of the stack.

Pack some things in bags.

If you're storing anything soft and flexible, like linens and towels, make sure you pack some of these items into bags rather than boxes. You can easily shove a bag into a corner if you end up short on space in the end. Bags can even be tossed on top of stacks if you can't reach any higher.

Take furniture apart.

If you have some tables or other small pieces of furniture, check to see whether they disassemble. Typically, it's easier to store table legs and tops separately than to try to stack items around an awkwardly shaped table.

Don't store things you don't need.

When you have a small storage unit, you can't afford to store things you don't need. So, be honest with yourself about the things you keep. If you have not worn a sweater in five years, it's probably not worth keeping in storage. Getting rid of it will free up some more space.

With the tips above, you should be able to make the most of your smaller storage unit, saving you money on rental fees. For more information, contact companies like Haggard Mini Storage.

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