Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations for Use Next Year

As much as the holidays are exciting and a source of joy, they can also be expensive to celebrate. One way of reducing the associated expenses is by storing your decorations for use in subsequent holidays. Take these measures to ensure your stored decorations will be safe and useful when the next celebration comes around:

Avoid Tangling

Strings and wires are common in holiday decorations. Electrical wires, bright colored strings and ribbons, among others, can easily be used for successive holidays. The problem is that they can easily get tangled, which makes them difficult to reuse and also increases the risk of damage. Therefore, store these items in such a way that they will not get tangled; for example, you can wrap them around reels or use zip ties to secure them.

Avoid Moisture

Electrical appliances, electronic gadgets, and wires are also common with holiday decorations; examples include colored bulbs, electrical extensions, and electrical wires, among others. Unfortunately, electricity doesn't play well with moisture; water conducts electricity and can easily cause short-circuits and fry electronics. Therefore, place them in dry storage places, preferably wrapped in waterproof material.

Keep Original Packaging

There are many good reasons for keeping original packaging when storing holiday decorations. For example, using an original packaging is safer than using generic packaging because the original packaging is purpose-built for them. Most original packages also contain instructions for use, which will save you from endless frustrations of not knowing how to use a decoration. They also contain safety instructions; for example, the original packaging of an extension cord may contain instructions on how to use it without damaging your electronics.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Most forms of holiday decorations are fragile and delicate; they can easily be damaged by extreme temperatures. For example, direct sunlight may discolor your decorative ribbons and render them useless for use next year. Candles can also melt and get deformed. Therefore, store your decorations out of direct sunlight.

Prevent Pest Infestation

Lastly, you need to prevent pest infestation because many types of decorations are attractive to pets. Paper ribbons and cardboard boxes, for example, can attract and get damaged by pests such as termites and moths. Clean them, store them in dry places, and store them with natural insect repellents (such as lavender oil) to reduce the risk of pest infestation.

Don't forget to choose a safe storage place for your decorations; you don't want to come back next year to find them vandalized or stolen. If you have more specific questions about mini storage, click here for info.

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