What To Do When You Can't Get A Permit To Build A Garage Or Don't Have The Funds

If you have a home without a garage, but you feel like it would benefit you to have somewhere to protect your vehicle during the bad weather, then you have probably investigated building a garage for your vehicles. However, a common problem that people encounter when it comes time to build a garage is that they run into building regulations, permits, and sometimes the money available. Building inspectors might not grant you the permits to set up a permanent structure on your property, and you also might not have the money to build one should you even be lucky enough to get those permits. So, what is the solution? It's something that is both inexpensive, will protect your cars, and is also not a permanent fixture and so won't entail getting a building permit for a permanent structure. Here's one solution you can look for.

A-Frame Gable Carports For Ease and Protection

A carport can be a perfect solution to the problem of vehicle shelter. They are often allowed by building inspectors because they are not technically permanent. You can set them up and take them down, so they are not "permanent" structures in the true sense of the worn. There is no foundation of poured concrete, or anything else that you would need to bring in permits and consult with local codes. The structures are semi-permanent in that they are large, stable, and will not blow over in strong wind.

They are easy to set up, and they provide a fantastic protection for your car. The A-frame design lets air circular so you won't have dampness, which is one cool advantage over a closed in garage. The open design not only makes the structure light and easy to set up, it's also going to keep your car from sitting in a moldy environment. The roof keeps the rain and snow off the car, and also off the ground. This is a good feature because dampness on the ground can rot your cars undercarriage. So, keeping the car dry from atop is not enough, you also need to keep the ground dry. One interesting feature you can get with gable A frame carports is to attach roll down sides. While you won't want them year round, you might want to have them during the winter for when there is a big snow storm. They can keep the snow from blowing into the space. Then, once the storm is over, and the dry weather is back, you can roll up the sides and let the air back in.

Contact a local carport dealer to learn more about your options.

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