Creating Storage Where There Was None: Property Types You Can Convert To Storage Facilities

Many a self storage facility is built from the ground up. However, you could purchase other properties and convert them to self storage facilities. If you are an entrepreneur that sees this type of need in your city, then you can start shopping around for properties to convert. Here are some types of properties that work well for this type of project.

Office Buildings

Abandoned office buildings or office buildings that are just not currently in use for offices work really well for a conversion process. Each of the wide-open floors in the building can be partitioned off to create storage units. Better yet, you could create a more unique self-storage facility by making the walls of storage units movable.

The floors in these office buildings are already built to accommodate cubicles. You can convert the floors to grab onto walls for storage units, secure the walls, and then change the sizes of the units by uninstalling a wall between two units. Renters might really enjoy this unique storage facility, which would allow them to expand their units any time another unit next to theirs becomes empty. Renters would also appreciate the fact that the units are inside a secure building, where the temperature and humidity are controlled.

Industrial Buildings

Industrial production buildings that have been abandoned or are currently for sale by owner make good storage facilities, too. The solid concrete foundation of these buildings is the same as that used for brand-new storage facilities built from the ground up. A lot of the industrial machinery would need to be removed and auctioned off, but then you are left with a lot of convertible square footage for storage units. You can also make the storage units stackable, like many of the mobile and portable storage units by some other companies. Motivated sellers of these properties may even offer these properties for a song.

Massive, Unfinished Residential Properties

If a mansion was being built for a wealthy individual, and then that individual either died or changed his/her mind, you could buy this property and convert it to storage. You do have to make sure that the property's zoning laws will accomodate this conversion. If the property is not currently zoned for this type of use, you can apply for a rezoning of the property after you have purchased it.

It would be rather easy, considering the fact that the mansion was left unfinished. Squaring off entire sections of the home and turning the sections into storage units would provide renters with a unique opportunity in their neighborhood. The reverse process of converting storage to living space is also possible. Visit the wealthier neighborhoods of your city to see what is available and for sale

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